Shoshugen Mukou Kukan Deoriaztion No Smell 315G


Unscented space 315g
Brand: Unscented Space
Distributor/manufacturer: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

It is an unscented type deodorant that does not use any fragrance.
Formulated with amino acid-based deodorizing ingredients that have various deodorizing effects.
Transparent beads effectively remove various unpleasant odors in your living space.
Please use it in places where you are concerned about odors, such as the entrance, living room, and kitchen.
For about 90 days (for spring and autumn).

how to use
1. Peel off along the perforations.
2. Remove the cap.
3. Peel off the sticker.
*Be careful not to spill the contents.
4. Close the cap tightly until it snaps.
*If you only hold the cap, the cap may come off and the contents may spill out, so do not hold it.

Precautions for use
*Be careful not to ingest by mistake.
This product is not edible.
If people with dementia or children accidentally eat it, the beads will swell with moisture and clog the throat, esophagus, and trachea, which can lead to severe illness. Be especially careful when placing it in a place.
●If spilled, wipe it off immediately.
●Do not place in direct sunlight or in places with high temperatures.
●When the beads absorb water, they swell and clog the drain, so never flush the beads.
●Do not use for any other purpose.
please note
When throwing away the remaining beads, it is thrown away as burnable garbage.
Remove small beads with a wet tissue.
First Aid ●If you accidentally put it in your mouth, take out the remaining beads in your mouth.
Beads have the property of swelling with water, so immediately take first aid measures such as drinking milk or ionized drinks (sports drinks) that do not easily swell, and if there is any abnormality, bring this instruction sheet and consult a doctor.
●If you get it on your hands, wash it well.

Amino acid-based deodorants, water absorbent resins