Mentholatum Lip Natural For Senstitiv Skin




○ Covers the surface of the lips to protect the lips from wind, cold, and ultraviolet rays, and prevents roughness and dryness. It is a natural type that is tasteless and fragrance-free. It is gentle on sensitive lips.
○ For care before bedtime
○ Lipstick base when lips are chapped
・〔UV protection ingredients〕
Prevents chapped lips caused by ultraviolet rays.
・〔Natural plant moisturizing ingredient aloe extract〕
Retains moisture and smooths lips.
○ Aloe extract (moisturizer), UV protection
○ For the lips of sensitive people

< active ingredient>
Tocopherol acetate
< Other Ingredients>
Aloe Extract-9, White Vaseline, Purified Lanolin, Liquid Paraffin, Ceresin, Dimethyl PABA Ethylhexyl, Coconut Oil