Dentwell Toothbrush Dentwell Super Compact Regul


●歯科用デントウェル歯ブラシ 超コンパクトは、歯周病専門医が設計した超コンパクトヘッドの歯ブラシで、超極細毛と先まるめ毛の2種類の毛をねじれ加工し、歯周病の原因となる歯垢をしっかり除去します。●親指で「M」を押さえると前歯が、「O」を押さえると奥歯が磨きやすいMOストッパーと、握りやすいくぼみと滑り防止のラバーハンドルを備え、力を入れなくても安定してしっかり磨くことができます。

The Dentwell Toothbrush Ultra Compact is a toothbrush with an ultra-compact head designed by a periodontist. It twists two types of bristles, ultra-fine bristles and rounded bristles, to create plaque that causes periodontal disease. firmly remove the Equipped with an MO stopper that makes it easy to brush your front teeth when you press the "M" with your thumb, and the back teeth when you press the "O" with your thumb, and an easy-to-grip indentation and a non-slip rubber handle, you can brush stably and firmly without applying force. I can.