Steam Cloth New Echo


Steamed cloth.

Allows steam to pass through and absorbs excess moisture.

You can steam chawanmushi and steamed bread plumply without sticking.

*Because it is a sewn product, there may be differences in size and frayed threads.

●Size (about) ・550×600mm
●Material: Cotton
●Usage: steamed cloth, steamed dishes, cooking, steamed egg custard, steamed buns, shumai, kitchen
● Keywords: Mushinu no Chori, Mushipan, Okowa, Kitchen, 100 Yen, 100 Yen
Product name: Steaming cloth
●Product number ・0499-113
●Manufacturer name: Echo Metal Co., Ltd.
●Management unit: 12 pieces/240 pieces
● Quantity / 1 sheet