Jumbo Peeler 1P Echo


t's a peeler.

A jumbo size peeler with a blade length of about 8 cm.

A rust-resistant stainless steel blade.

You can easily slice onions and julienne cabbage.

* Dishwasher not compatible

*Color cannot be specified

-Size (approx.) 103 x total length 170mm
Heat resistant 70 degrees / Cold resistant -20 degrees
●Materials/Body: Styrol resin Blade: Stainless steel
Uses: vegetable peeler, slicer, peeling, cabbage, cooking, cooking, kitchen tools
●Keywords ・Peeler Kawamuki Slider Chori Ryori Kitchen 100 Yen Yen 100 Yen
Product name: Jumbo peeler
●Product number ・0336-429
●Manufacturer name: Echo Metal Co., Ltd.
●Management unit: 10 pieces/240 pieces
●Quantity/1 piece