Ohta Isan Antacid16 Packs 16Pcs Ohta Isan







Gastrointestinal medicine that takes advantage of the goodness of crude drugs. Drinking too much, heartburn, stomach discomfort, weak stomach, heaviness in the stomach, overeating, stomach pain, indigestion, loss of appetite, hyperacidity, bloating, stomach upset, hangover upset, drinking too much, heartburn, stomach Gentle and excellent effect on unpleasant symptoms such as sagging skin. Also suitable for those with a weak stomach or lack of appetite.

Contains stomachic herbs, antacids, and digestive enzymes. The effective combination of 7 types of stomach-healthy herbal medicines revitalizes a weakened stomach and improves symptoms such as over-drinking, over-eating, and heaviness in the stomach.

Four types of antacids neutralize stomach acid and are highly effective for heartburn, stomach pain, and stomach discomfort.

A powder made using a unique manufacturing method that retains the active ingredients of aromatic herbal medicines.

The aroma of herbal medicine and the cooling sensation of l-menthol make it refreshing to take. Also, since it is a powder, it acts quickly in the stomach.