Ebi Cha-Han No Moto Nagatanien


It is a powder type fried rice base containing ingredients such as shrimp and green onions.
Simply prepare eggs and rice and fry in a frying pan for 3 minutes to easily make delicious crispy fried rice. Shrimp flavor oil is used to create a flavor that makes the shrimp flavor stand out.



Seasoning powder (salt, sugar, starch, lactose, garlic, shrimp powder, pepper, powdered soy sauce, seafood extract, chicken extract, vegetable oil, onion powder, onion powder, flavor oil) (domestic production), seasoned shrimp, flakes (made in Japan) Rice flour, starch, defatted soybeans, sugar, salt, vegetable oils and fats), dried onions / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), red koji pigments, lecithin, caramel pigments, fragrances, carotinoid pigments, antioxidants (vitamin E), (some Including milk ingredients, wheat, shrimp, soybeans, chicken)