Mabo Harusame Mild 116G Naga


Nagatanien's original Chinese noodles made with vermicelli.
It contains 6 kinds of ingredients such as wood ear, bamboo shoot, pork, red pepper, carrot, soboro (soy protein) and vermicelli, so no ingredients are required. Just cook in a frying pan for 5 minutes and you will have a delicious side dish that is perfect for rice. We also recommend a hearty arrangement menu made by adding vegetables and meat.
It is a sweet food that the whole family can eat deliciously.


Mao sauce (sugar mixture (water candy, sugar, grape sugar fructose liquid sugar), pork extract, vegetable oil, kikurage, soy sauce, bamboo shoots, pork, salt, sugar, red pepper, carrot, soybean protein, garlic, ginger, oyster Sauce, doubanjiang / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), paste (processed starch), caramel pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E), carotinoid pigment, (some include wheat, sesame, soybeans, chicken, pork)) ,
Vermicelli (starch / lactic acid)