Wafu Dressing Original


 日本料理の定番であるローストゴマにインスパイアされた和風ゴマドレッシングは、どんな料理にもまろやかでナッツの風味を加えます。 サラダやコールスロー、野菜のディップ、またはマリネに最適です。人工香料不使用。グルテンフリー 。

GREAT TASTE – Inspired by roasted sesame, a staple in Japanese cuisine, Wafu Sesame dressing adds a well-rounded, nutty flavor to any dish. Perfect for salads and slaw, as a veggie dip, or as a marinade.
NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS – Zero colors and zero artificial flavors are in our sesame dressing. We prefer using real, high-quality ingredients.
GLUTEN-FREE – Our dressing is gluten-free and guilt free.
HEALTH IN MIND – Our dressing is an excellent source of the essential nutrient Omega-3, which benefits both mind and body. It’s also low in cholesterol and low in saturated fat to keep you feeling good.
AUTHENTIC – We pride ourselves on bringing authentic Japanese flavors to your table. Sesame is a vital aspect of Japanese cooking and is one of the oldest and most important oil seeds known to man. Historically, sesame oil has been used as food, ointments and medication. Our dressing continues that storied tradition of versatility as the perfect complement to many Japanese-style dishes. Our Sesame Light dressing is the perfect addition to your kitchen.