Fujiko Otona Tint Sv 01 Sexy Red


Brand name Fujiko
Fujiko BrandInfo
Item category
Makeup > Lipstick/Gloss/Lip Liner > Lipstick
Capacity / Price including tax 15g / 1,408 yen (end of production)
Release date 2017/6/25
Product description renewal release
3 colors
Fujiko is the new common sense for adults. Dignified adult colors that even the skin shines are dyed and sexy lips are kept for a long time. Even if you eat, drink, or kiss, the color will not fade and your clothes and cups will not be stained. [Usage scene] ・When you cannot repaint your lips for a long time ・The color does not transfer to the lip balm, and you can moisturize from the top many times ・It is safe because the color does not transfer to cups and clothes ・Sports, live performances, outdoor festivals Such
How to use 1. Apply the color pack evenly along the lip line and let it dry for 5-10 minutes. Wipe the oil and moisture on your lips with a tissue before applying to get a beautiful finish.
2. Peel off slowly from the corner of the mouth.
3. Completely wipe off the remaining pack on the lips. After completion, apply lip balm or transparent gloss on top for a more beautiful finish.
All ingredients water, polyvinyl alcohol, ethanol, BG, lemon fruit extract, phenoxyethanol, EDTA-2Na, rose centifolia flower water, hydrolyzed collagen, soybean seed coat extract, bacillus/glutamic acid fermentation liquid, sodium hyaluronate, Argania spinosa kernel oil , Ethylhexylglycerin, Fragrance [Sexy Red] Red 218, Red 2, Yellow 5 [Rose Pink] Red 218, Red 227, Yellow 5 [Coral Beige] Red 218, Red 227, Yellow 4, Yellow 5, Blue 1
Color 01 sexy red