Cotton Nidashi Meijin Stock Filter Bag 30P



It is a dashi pack with a double folded structure that does not overflow even when boiled and can be used comfortably. With a gusset, a large amount of dashi stock can be easily inserted. With a step, it is easy to widen the opening, making it easy to put ingredients in. It is a chuck bag that can be stored hygienically. In addition to making soup stock for cooking, it can also be used for green tea, black tea, decoctions, etc. How to use: Put bonito flakes, dried sardines, etc. in the pack. ・Fold it to the other side to make a lid. Precautions for use ・Do not use in microwave ovens, ovens, pressure cookers, etc. ・Keep away from fire as it will burn. ・Do not wash away as it does not dissolve in water.