Shirojyun Premium Brightening Lotion 170Ml


Whitening lotion with active ingredient whitening tranexamic acid formulation

The highest skin whitening lotion ever in HADALABO®, which contains highest concentration of nano-sized hyaluronic acid. Suppresses melanin formation, prevents spots and freckles. With anti-inflammatory agent. Using vitamin C derivative, vitamin E as moisturizing ingredients. Weak acidity the same pH as healthy skin.


Active ingredients: Tranexamic acid (white tranexamic acid)
Other ingredients: Vitamin C phosphate Mg, vitamin E, hydrolysed hyaluronic acid (nanoated hyaluronic acid), hyaluronic acid Na - 2, DPG, BG, diglyceride, concentrated glycerin, hydrochloric acid phospholipid, PEG-8, PEG (30), POE (20) laurate sorbitan, VP · styrene copolymer emaluchon, water-free citric acid, parabens