Taisho Canker Sore Patch 10P


●患部に貼るだけ 痛くてしみる口内炎に●「口内炎(アフタ性)」とは、頬の内側や舌、唇の裏側などに、周りが赤っぽく、中央部が浅くくぼんだ白っぽい円形の痛みを伴う浅い小さな潰瘍(直径10mm未満)が1〜数コできた炎症の総称です。原因は明確ではありませんが、ストレス、疲労、あるいは栄養摂取の偏りが関与すると言われています。●口内炎パッチ大正クイックケアは、ステロイド成分「トリアムシノロンアセトニド」を配合した「貼る」口内炎治療薬です。●口腔内ですぐれた付着力をもち、患部を刺激からしっかりカバーします。

●Stomatitis (aphthous) is a whitish circular pain with a reddish circumference and a shallow depression in the center on the inside of the cheek, tongue, and the back of the lip. A general term for inflammation in which one to several small, shallow ulcers (less than 10 mm in diameter) are formed. The cause is not clear, but it is said that stress, fatigue, or imbalanced nutritional intake are involved. ● Stomatitis Patch Taisho Quick Care is a "paste" stomatitis remedy containing the steroid ingredient "triamcinolone acetonide". ●It has excellent adhesion in the oral cavity, and firmly covers the affected area from irritation.