Stainless Kitchen Scissor B-


○Stainless steel kitchen scissors.

Convenient for opening food packaging and cutting ingredients.

It can also be used as a bottle opener and as a shell cracker for ginkgo nuts and walnuts.

●Size (approx.) 80 x total length: 205mm (blade part: 97mm)
●Heat resistance 70 degrees/Cold resistance -30 degrees
●Materials/blade part: stainless steel, handle: ABS resin
●Usage: cooking scissors, scissors, bottle opener, shell cracker, kitchen utensils
●Keywords: Scissors Sennuki Karawari Kitchen 100 Yen 100 Yen
● Product name: Stainless steel kitchen scissors B type
●Product number ・0347-469
●JAN 4991203153975
●Manufacturer name: Echo Metal Co., Ltd.
●Management unit: 12/144
●Quantity/1 piece